Put your phone system in the Cloud. Get phone services, meetings, fax, video conferencing, mobile apps in one Great Hosted VoIP Solution.

When Was The Last Time You Got Excited About your Business Phone System?With Computer Troubleshooters & 8×8 Solutions you will be! 

  1. Easily Make Changes, You control the system
  2. Eliminate PBX Maintenance and Upgrade Costs
  3. Lower Your Monthly Phone Bill
  4. Avoid International & Roaming Costs on your Smart Phone

5 Enhance your productivity

You can forget the days of receiving erratic and unpredictable bills for IT services.

You can say goodbye to attempting to fix something yourself because you think it will be cheaper and faster.

Business Solutions For You

Adios to the days of dealing and negotiating with technology vendors that are trying to oversell your products you don’t really need.

You will no longer have to worry about being bounced from vendor to vendor when you have a problem.

The ideal telephony solution for your business.

8×8 are one of the oldest and largest VoIP provider in the world with over 35,000 business customers subscribing to more than 400,000 services. 8×8, Inc. has been NASDAQ listed since 1997 and has been identified by Gartner as one of the Magic Quadrant Leader: Most Visionary two years in a row. 8×8 has become the industry’s leading provider of unified communications and collaboration (UCC) services in the cloud for small and medium businesses and mid-market and distributed enterprises.

8×8 delivers a broad suite of UCC services to in-office and mobile devices spanning cloud telephony, virtual contact centre, virtual meeting and virtual desktop through a proprietary unified Software as a Service, or SaaS, platform.We have spoken to many companies providing Voice over IP (VoIP) Solutions, and were very impressed by the 8×8′s approach, and have partnered with them to provide VoIP solutions. 8×8 helps to leverage the power of VoIP to help improve your telephony experience.

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