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Service Solutions

Many business owners want to reduce the number of technology headaches they incur so they get the most out of their technology investment.  

Back-up and Recovery

Experts say that 93% of businesses that lose their data for 10 days or more due to a disaster file for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Services are making solutions available to small business owners that were once only available to large corporations.

Remote Support

Remote support for when and where ever you need us. Whether you are working from home or in the office we can dial in and help you.

About Us

Computer Troubleshooters Kingston upon Thames specialises in providing a wide range of technology services and solutions that are designed to give you the level of service you deserve. We have a deep understanding of the needs of our business owners as we, too, are a small business.  

We know that technology drives your business and your budget is tight.  We can help you to make the most of the technology you already own, invest intelligently in products that will bring your office efficiency and productivity, and keep you from worrying about the day to day management of it all.


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